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Energy Efficient Danfoss Inverter Drives


Drivepro is a distributor for Danfoss inverter drives, controlling electric motors from 0.37kW up to 1MW. These Inverter drives are designed and packaged for maximum flexibility of application and for reduced energy costs i.e. a reduction of 20% speed can give power savings up to 50% with HVAC applications. Additional flexibility can be added with modules and along with our sister company,
K2 Drives & Controls,
we can provide installation, commissioning, and technical support.

Danfoss Inverter drives, Danfoss Ditsributors

Danfoss Inverter Drives

Inverter drives can be supplied in a number of models depending upon the application. This includes variable torque control for centrifugal pumps & fans; constant torque control for process machinery, pd pumps, roots blowers, and constant power for spindle drives, winders, etc. Drives can be mounted in a number of ways including in cubicles, IP20 enclosure; on control room walls or unistrut frames, IP54 or IP55 enclosures; and hostile environments, IP66 with/without coated pcb’s. In addition, inverter drives can be mounted on the motor or machine in IP65/66 enclosures. The Interface is very flexible with a host of options including: programmable logic, serial communications, integrated pump controls, fieldbus, and synchronising.
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Servicing & Support

The key to success in the Drives application industries is to provide prompt technical backup and support. Drivepro, and its associate company, K2 Drives & Controls, can provide full technical support for applications, commissioning, site installation, after sales service including service contracts, energy & harmonic audits, panel manufacture, and other services.
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